Monday, 16 March 2015

Wexford Woe

Last week, I felt like I had nothing to talk about haha, but this week, I do!

Tuesday night, 18 of us went to a pub called Phil Grimes for their jazz night, and surprise - they actually had room for us all! That's cause we were smart, and got their early. But are you ready? It started at 9, and we got there at 9:30, which yes, is early, because 9pm in Irish Time is actually 10:30..... believe it. This is the same place that we went to about a month ago, so it wasn't anything new or different, but it was still pretty awesome. It was one of those times where I just felt content with life, actually. I was drinking beer that I happened to not hate, listening to live jazz music, and having some pretty cool conversations. It was a good reminder that life isn't just a frenzied, chaotic mess, that half the time we're just trying to sludge through, but can be a rather wonderful thing.

On Wednesday, I met one of my best friends from Canada at the Waterford bus station!! She's currently studying abroad in Scotland this semester, and before we both left, we had talked about the possibility of her coming over for St. Patricks day and my birthday, which is this week Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. It's cheaper for her to fly back Wednesday morning though, so that's what she's doing. Nevertheless, it's one of the best presents ever, and I'm pretty stoked that she's here. She met all of us, tried and failed to remember all our names (totally okay, seeing as she was introduced to probably 20 people), and came along on all the weekend's adventures.

Of which included going to Wexford (a city about an hour bus ride away) .... which proved to be quite interesting. We've actually had really good luck with all our trips so far, so we were bound to have some trouble eventually, and it happened on Saturday. We took a small bus to get from Wexford city center to Johnstown Castle, telling the bus driver where we wanted to go. Instead of getting dropped off at a castle however, we got dropped off at the side of the highway, next to a massive closed gate, and a whole bunch of cows. We stood there for five minutes griping about the bus driver - because why would he drop off us here when he knew where we wanted to go, we obviously were not from here, and it was obvious we were in the wrong spot. We literally had no idea where we were haha. Long story short, after calling the reception at the Castle, we ended having to walk another 25 minutes to the castle, during which one of our friends tripped and twisted his already sprained ankle. It worried all of us, but he pulled through. All in all though, if you fast forward through the unfortunate bus situation and ankle injuries, the castle and the grounds were beautiful, and it made for a pretty cool day. Absolutely freezing cold, but at least it didn't rain!

Sunday,  I figured my visiting friend needed to experience traditional Irish breakfast, so we did that,  and then we went to Tramore. Julie and I had been there already, but it's a beach, and I will never tire of beaches.

Anyways, now it's Monday morning, and I should probably stop writing this and go to school haha. Have a wonderful week everyone :)

~ Also, here's a very, very, random fact of the day: It's not illegal to hitchhike in Hungary. So, if any of you feel the need to jump in some stranger's car and not go to jail for it, buy a ticket to Hungary. You're welcome.

~ For Samuel: Listen to Mumford & Sons new song, Believe, if you haven't already. You'll like it.

~ For Oma: Yes, I finally did wear my hair down the other day. And then had three people come up to me and say I looked like a different person. Go figure.

Some of these pictures aren't the best quality (old phone camera's aren't always the best haha), but here you go.

Pub with live music! In this picture, we're representing Canada with three Canadians, two Americans, and one Brazilian (:

Tramore, on a Sunday afternoon.

So this was the gate that we were dropped off at in Wexford. I took a picture, because hey, for all we knew, that might have been the only thing we were to see in the city the whole day. Thankfully that was not the case haha.

Johnstown Castle, Wexford, Ireland :)


  1. Hey Brit!!!!!

    from Trina and I.

    I did remember, but reading your blog made sure I REMEMBERED!

    First, another year, but I suspect I can say for certain. A year wiser! Your getting quite the experiences; we are both SOOO Jealous of your time overseas and your adventures.

    Psssst, the happy content feeling.... that could be the beer :-)

    Yes, we see the hair is down. Than you. It can go up again :-) Keep you warm.

    Have a blast Brit.

    Much love Uncle Jeff & Aunt Trina.

  2. Thank you!! I hope I'm getting smarter, though with the classes here, who knows haha. Also, I hope it didn't seem like I was forcing you all to remember my birthday hahaha, that wasn't my intention :S

    Love you guys too, say hi to Auntie Trina for me (: