Sunday, 8 February 2015

Coffee & Cliffs

Monday: school.
Tuesday: school.
Wednesday: school; city centre (bagels, tea, police); movie (Kingsman)
Thursday: school; pub with live Irish music
Friday: school; city centre (coffee, scarves)
Saturday: Dunmore East
Sunday: yet to be determined.....

BAM. Everything from this week in a nutshell. Done.

Haha, just kidding. I guess I can expand a little bit....

Wednesday encompassed the most delicious bagel of my life (sorry Tims), a really cute cup of tea, and then I went and registered with the immigration at the police station. I had until February 6th to stay in Ireland before needing to get a visa, and preferably, I would've registered in the first two weeks of being here. However, I had some problems that deterred me from doing it earlier, and so ended up cutting it pretty close, only having two days before I wasn't legally supposed to be living in Ireland anymore! My goal here is not to get kicked out of the country, so I was quite relieved that everything finally worked itself out haha.

The live Irish music was amazing. It made me sort of melancholy, stinging the hole in my heart left from leaving Irish dance, but nevertheless, it was cool to hear it live, six feet in front of me. A couple Irish girls were dancing (regularly haha), and dragged me and a couple friends out with them, so that was pretty cool too. I also learned that drunk Irish guys (well, a couple of them anyways) really are crazy.

Me & Julie have decided to experiment and go to different coffee shops when we're in city centre, so we found this cute place called O'Briens (I love how Irish it sounds hehe), and I had one of the best chai latte's everrrr. Mmmm. And I bought another scarf while we were there. I have a problem. My suitcase coming home is just going to be filled with scarves hahaha.

On Saturday, I was debating on doing an 8km race with my friends Carlos and Anna - but then Carlos sprained his ankle, and since he was the main motivator in our group, me and Anna had a couple days of contemplation about whether or not we were going to do it. We finally decided to register, then realized we actually missed the registration date. It was kind of disappointing, but maybe for the best, since the Irish weather has infiltrated all our lungs and gifted us all with colds. So, instead of running, we went to Dunmore East, which is this little coastal town about 30 minutes away from Waterford. It was similar to Tramore, which we went to two weeks ago, but this was less beach and more cliffs. It was beautiful, though slightly scary, because my eyes have a tendency to be constantly watering in this wind, so I feel like I'm climbing over rocks half blind with a constant stream of tears leaking out hahaha. We did find a cafe there though, selling Tim Hortons coffee!! Me and Julie freaked out, and everyone else was just really confused. All in all, it was wonderful, but I'm definitely a beach person over a cliff and rocks person haha.

This next week looks towards more classes, and locking in our plans for the week after, which we have off school and are consequently going traveling! We're planning to do a six day trip through the west part of Ireland, hitting a whole bunch of castles, a bunch of hostels, and the famed Cliffs of Moher! I'm a bit nervous, thinking about living out of a backpack for almost a week, and being continuously on the go, but I'm also excited - I've never stayed in a hostel, or done this type of traveling. The people I'll be going with are awesome too. It'll be another thing to check off the bucket list! (:

Well, I think that's it! Good luck to all my friends in school back home right now going through midterms! - don't study too hard ;)

Everyone who came with us to Dunmore East, in a 'cave selfie' haha. I've been a part of more selfies in the last month, then in my entire life.....

Raul, Me, Julie, & Bert. We hiked up to this point a bit, so it was a really nice view from the edge.

This picture is pointless, except to further the fact that I'm obsessed with tea. Tea and scarves, apparently....


  1. Dont worry about the extra scarves Brit, Trina will take them :-)
    Love the cave selfi!
    So envious about your hosteling trip. Sounds like a blast!

    I just bought a flat of Guinness... Find out for me if its supposed to be savored warm or chilled.

    1. If you want to be Irish, you just drink it as soon as you buy it, whether it's warm or cold ;) In actuality though, so far I've experienced it all room temperature!