Sunday, 1 February 2015

Just Another Picture Post Ya'll

Hi friends,
A written post will be coming very shortly, but here's a visual prelude as to what's to come! :)

Shout out to Carlos & Julie for about half of these pictures as well!

Approaching the Blarney Castle.

Hubert, Me, Julie, Carlos, in the caves.

I didn't get the scary face memo :/

A bit blurry, but here's me & Julie in one of the cove things inside the castle.

I'm kissing the blarney stone!!!!

The full group: Ernany, Hubert, Carlos, Julie, Me, Evelyn

Hubert had some balance problems. Only Evelyn was concerned haha

My first macaron!

I can't believe we were here.

Aren't I cute? ;) hehe


I felt so small.

The guys think the hidden car in this picture is hilarious.

So. much. green. I love it.

The castle.

I'm running out of things to say.

Twas a magical place.

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