Sunday, 1 February 2015

Macarons & Cork



Have I even learned anything in this adventure thus far?

Well, sure. That time goes crazy fast, that's what I've learned. I keep comparing this to the five weeks I spent in Quebec, because that's the only other thing that I've done that remotely compares to this. Except at this point, I'd already be thinking about going home - and here, I have another four months. FOUR MONTHS. Which seems like an exceptionally long time at this point, especially because while I'm not homesick, I am at the point where the initial shock of everything is finally starting to dim, and I miss everyone at home. But alas.

Nothing too interesting to report from school. Thus far, we've talked about perceptions, first impressions, the digestive system, and most interestingly, hamstring tears. I'm gonna nerd out on you guys for a sec though, cause I think this is cool! - Did you know that the location of a hamstring tear has a prominent influence on how long it takes you to recover? (If you've taken KPE 371, feel free to skip this paragraph haha). Basically, if it's closer to the inside of your leg (a proximal free tendon injury) then it takes much longer to heal, compared to if it's an intramuscular tendon injury tear (usually adjacent to the biceps femoris) - YET, for the most part, all hamstring tears are treated the same way...... interesting, no? How's that for expanding your intellectual prowess? I think we can say this blog now officially qualifies as educational material.

This week overall otherwise, was pretty chill. Stayed home. Ate popcorn. Drank tea. Watched the entire first season of Super Fun Night, a show starring Rebel Wilson that Julie introduced me too. (Apparently, I don't watch enough TV, youtube videos, or movies - I know nothing about anything media). Drank more tea. And I also did laundry. Which was actually an interesting endeavour, because I no longer know the lovely luxury of having a washer and dryer at home - and the apartment makes you pay a freaking arm and leg (or to be more precise, 8 euro) to use theirs. So me and Julie thought we'd try and outsmart these money sucking machines, and bought hand washing soap instead. We dared to conquer the dirt in our sinks - and then reverently prayed that our clothes would actually dry in this frigid Ireland air - and they did! ..... in about a week. 

Anything more exciting then laundry to tell you about? Well, no, not really. Here's the only other couple of remotely interesting details:

- Since the karate club is a no-go, I went and asked about the kickboxing club they have. Well, instead of finding a time to meet, I just got sad eyes looking at me saying they don't think the club is running this year at all. Well then.....

- We finally had to go buy more peanut butter since I devoured mine about two weeks ago, and have been eating Julie's since then (sorry Julie) and finished that too.... we bought the american stuff, and my report: it's weird. Next on the list will be irish peanut butter haha.

- I successfully used the Irish ATM with my new Irish bank card. I also finally, finally found a hole puncher and stapler that I can use in the school's library! All my sheets have just been floating around in my backpack and it was driving me mad. These things that I take for granted at home, feel like the biggest accomplishments here. When I had all that paper stapled up and in my notebook, the way I felt could've been synonymous to climbing mount everest! (Alright, maybe that's not quite the same, but the idea is there.)

- A couple of us girls walked to city centre on Friday afternoon, and went to "Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Cafe." It had been beckoning for a while, and is even on trip advisor for things to do in Waterford! Yes, I googled things to do in Waterford. They're known for their hot chocolate, so even though I don't typically like hot chocolate, I got it anyway. It was the best decision of the entire day, because ohmygoodness, it was absolutely delicious. And I also had my first macaron! No, not macaroon - macaron - they're very different. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but I was quite excited just to eat it hahahaha. (Obviously - it's in my title post haha).

- We went to this talent show thing being put on by the university, and as my friend said, it was more like a #nobodyaroundheregottalent talent show. But, we can't critique too much - I commend their brave souls for getting up and performing. Or perhaps they didn't have to be brave - pretty sure everyone was on their sixth beer before the night even started hahaha

- That above was my first hashtag. And really, it wasn't even mine, cause I was quoting it. #myownofficialfirsthashtag #doesthatcount? #canyouevenincludequestionmarks?

On that note, that was the week. On the weekend, most particularly, on Saturday.....

WE WENT TO CORK! (For those of you who don't know what Cork is, it's the second largest city in Ireland, Dublin being the first).

Six of us were up and walking to the bus station before the sun was even up to start the day's adventure. It was a two hour bus ride into Cork, and then another half hour to THE BLARNEY CASTLE. I was freaking out the entire second bus, cause I was so excited. Pretty sure I was quite the entertainment for all my friends. We spent two/three hours exploring, and it was amazing. We all kissed the blarney stone (Julie was anxious about all the germs, but we got her to do it anyway hehe), went through rock caves, took a million and a half pictures, and just had a really, really, good day. Back in Cork, we went through a free art gallery, got food at the English Market, wandered the streets, and then got more food at a pub. You can never have enough food. I also tried a beer called Murphy's, which is an Irish stout beer that is actually made, and is hard-pressed to find anywhere else, in Cork. It's similar to Guinness, but not as bitter - which is probably why I actually kind of liked it (surprise!).

Pictures from the day are in the post below :)

P.S - Happy birthday to Auntie Donna and Laura! Miss you guys, hope you both had phenomenal days!!

P.P.S - I got convinced to get Instagram. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but nevertheless, if I can remember I have it, I'll occasionally post pictures. (Do you need my username to see what I post? I don't know how this works. In any case, it's brit64.e) They're also trying to convince me to get twitter and ... I can't even remember what else.... but no. Just no. 

Have a wonderful upcoming week everyone :)

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