Wednesday, 7 January 2015

And We Arrived

Well, here I am in Ireland. I'm sitting at our kitchen table, with three sweaters on, a thick scarf, my fuzzy socks, and I'm still frozen.... haha. But I'll start from the beginning.

The flight to Seattle was on a propeller plane, which was kind of scary. For someone who doesn't enjoy flying in the first place, the thought of a propeller plane is not super exciting. But it turned out pretty uneventful, and we made it to Seattle just in time for a three hour layover ;) Fast forward through that, and we're on the nine and a half hour flight to London. The night consisted of watching The Book of Life, a lot of episodes of the Big Bang Theory, and many unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep. We landed in London on time, and then went through customs and security again, and made it to our gate with only 10 minutes to spare!
The last flight was again, uneventful, and so finally we landed in Dublin, finishing the 16 and a half hours of traveling. Except - not really, because then we jumped on a bus for another 3 and a half hours, where my friend Julie said she saw some really cool sights between Dublin and Waterford, but this is the point where I finally fell asleep (of course) so I saw nothing except the inside of my eyelids. From there, we found a cab, and finally made it to Riverwalk (the apartments) at 8pm (Irish time). We got our keys, felt very isolated without internet and consequently quite sad, and pretty much crashed.

Today has been better. We haven't done a whole lot, but at least we were in one place! I felt like we officially entered the world of adulthood (or at least part of it), when we went grocery shopping and had to buy things like dish soap and toilet paper, and try think of things for dinner hahaha. Other then that though, all we've done is unpack and try and get enlightened about heating and water here. The water is heated overnight, and we have that supply during the following day. We haven't had a chance to test that yet though, so it's only been cold water so far. Ireland has just this month also tacked on a 10 euro water charge per month. Not for hot water, just running water. Awesome, eh? The heating is also really expensive here, so we're not heating the place a whole ton, just during the night for a couple hours. I guess we'll figure out more as the time comes, one way or another. I hope so ;)

Tomorrow is orientation, when I'll see the university and can hopefully figure out my classes. I'm crossing my fingers it all goes well.

Until then, it's now 11 pm here, so I'm going to read for a bit (on the kobo, which I'm actually loving, thanks Mom!) and go to sleep, so goodnight :)

P.S - For Dad: one of the movies on the plane to London was This is Where I Leave You .... haha I didn't watch it cause I didn't wanta cry :P


  1. Hey Brit, great to hear you made it, and the planes all arrived on time. All luggage arrived with you too. A few "adult" decisions can be made easy like.... Food = Kraft Mac n Cheeze, Raman Noodles, and Canned goods.... Chili and Ravioli, you know college student stuff without the 'rents to feed you.

    Also, socks... Worn to bed. Amazing how keeping the toes warm can change your life.

    I'll lift a Guinness for you this weekend :-)

    Uncle J and Auntie Trina :-)

  2. yep, college student food has definitely been utilized hahahaha. me & julie wander around the grocery store, and pretty much pick out the cheapest version of everything. we've managed to stay away from raman noodles so far though......