Thursday, 8 January 2015


So it's past 1am here, and I'm kind of tired.
Today was wonderful though, so I'll tell you about it really quick.

So in our flat, there's myself, my other Canadian friend, and a guy from France. He was here for a semester last year, so he kind of knows the way around Waterford, and was therefore the leader when we went to find the university. Basically, we ended up meeting a whole bunch of really nice other international students on the way, as they had no idea where they were going either. Briefly, those we met were from Spain, Poland, Germany, Hungary, France, the States, Brazil, and the Netherlands. I may be forgetting a country.... anyways, they're all really cool, and we went out to lunch after, and then walked into the city centre, which was amazing as well. Lots of buildings close together and streets that are only for people walking, and it's very colourful. About seven of us all needed new sim cards and a new plan, so we shopped around at a couple places, and all ended up getting the same one, because none of us really knew what we were doing, so we all just did it together. Yay for simply hoping for the best!

I will say it's incredibly interesting getting to learn about different cultures and meeting different people. I love it. Many of them were apologizing for their lack of English, but in my opinion, they're so brave coming to this place and just immersing themselves in a foreign language. I don't know if any of them believed me when I tried to tell them that though haha.

Anyways, that's the bare bones of it, so thanks for scraping through to the end. Or as I've already heard multiple times here,
"Thanks a million!" (you have to say that with an Irish accent though, or it's pointless ;))

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