Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello There

Hi friends, (as I assume I will probably know most of you who read this), welcome to my blog! I won't be posting here all the time, but hopefully enough that you can all stay updated and know that I'm still alive.

Just in case you've stumbled upon this page randomly - hello to you too. My name is Brittany, and I'll be going to Waterford, Ireland, for five months as a student studying abroad. Kind of a little bit crazy, no?

I was talking to some friends from high school the other day, and we thought it was kind of ironic that out of all of us, I was the one doing this - and by doing this, I mean going to live somewhere else for almost half a year. I think to some degree, all of us have a sense of wanderlust - perhaps it's like a scale and we all land somewhere between being a complete homebody at one end and having an unquenchable restless nature at the other. I haven't traveled enough to really know where I fall on that scale, but obviously I have enough of a desire to see the world that I willingly am changing my life for the next five months. It definitely scares me, but weirdly enough, I'm also glad that it does. Change is uncomfortable, but I know that great things can also come out of it.

Anyways, I'm all packed (finally!), though I'm slightly worried about weight limits haha. I already took some stuff out, but I think I might take out some more, just to be safe! Other then that, my last night is going to be pretty chill. Though I probably won't be able to get much sleep....


  1. I love your comment on change. You are so wise!

  2. Update often!! Have fun and enjoy the wonderful green world of Ireland - get to the Wicklow Mountains if you can or run along the coast at Hoath. It's amazing!!