Friday, 16 January 2015

The Waterford Institute of Technology (aka WIT)

So the first week of classes is over, and it's been interesting to say the least. Classes here are very different then UFV, especially the first class of each course. At UFV, if you don't show up to that first class, then you don't get in. At WIT, my first class was me in a completely empty room..... I finally found the room after running around on campus for about an hour, because none of the teachers or important looking people behind desks (the people that you think would know where everything is) knew where anything was. If you know me even a little bit, you know I have no directional sense - so couple that with being in a brand new place, and being told to go in a million different directions, and I was absolutely completely lost. I almost cried tears of joy when I found that first class..... just to go in, and then second guess whether I had written the right class number down because no one else showed up! Long story short, the class had been cancelled, which I hadn't been informed of because I'm not registered in any classes yet.

Anyways, I've decided I'm going to do an exercise medicine class, which is all about athletic injuries and complications due to sport - which I'm super excited for actually, though it'll be a lot of work. My second class will be nutrition, where in our lab class, we'll be analyzing our own diet, which will be cool as well. I think this semester I might end up being somewhat nutrient deficient though ;) My third class is social & health psychology, which I don't know too much about, only because the prof didn't even show up yesterday. Things here are very relaxed, sometimes disturbingly so...! The fourth class is mental health & wellness, which is taught by the same teacher as the psychology class, which isn't really a good thing. She's super sweet, but she's nervous all of the time, and I don't feel challenged intellectually at all, in either of the classes so far. You'd think that'd be a good thing, seeing as I don't want to be crazy bombarded with school here, but it's also really boring. I think I'm going to drop that class, seeing as it is so monotonous, as well as I also don't think it'll transfer over as a course at UFV.

It'll be weird only doing three classes though, and I'm struggling with the idea of it. It's already quite strange being in school and not having it completely occupy my brain - it doesn't seem quite right. I keep trying to remind myself that I'm not here just to study, but I also feel like a bit of a slacker, only doing three classes.

You know what else is weird about school in Ireland? The final exams are worth the ENTIRE MARK. Or at least most of it. Exercise medicine - the final is worth 70%. Nutrition - 70%. Social and health psychology - 100%.


Enough about school, I have a funny story for you:
(I think it's funny at least, but don't feel obligated to laugh ;))

I was sitting next to three Irish guys in class, and overheard them talking about asking some girl whether or not she was Spanish. There was a Brazilian girl sitting in the row in front of us, so I thought they were talking about her. There was eventually a break in their conversation, so I pulled myself together and introduced myself. We talked for a few minutes, and then they asked IF I WAS SPANISH. Whaaaat?!?! I've gotten American quite a few times since I've been here, but who knew I looked Spanish too?

Anyway, I've probably missed about a million details, but there you go.

I've decided I like putting pictures in too, so here are four more:

A store in the city centre. The USA is an ever present force I guess, no matter where you go.

The bookstore! It's cocooned between a whole bunch of other stores, so it doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's three stories inside and it's beautiful. Me & Julie, whose idea of fun is also hanging out in a bookstore (yay!) thought it was awesome. Many of you will probably have seen this picture on Facebook already, but I thought I'd post it again for those of you that haven't (Dad).

WIT has a main campus, which looks like a regular university, and is where most of the classes are held. There is a second campus however, that looks like A CASTLE. Neither Julie or I have classes there, but we went and explored, and it was so so cool! :)

Julie & I also went for a walk the other morning up to this clearing, which is pretty close to where we live. It was extremely cold haha, but look at it! Such a nice morning and the grass is so green - twas lovely. Also, doesn't Kilbarry just sound so Irish? (:

P.S - I wrote this Thursday morning, but am only posting it now, so I'm a bit behind & have done some other cool things since then. Basically, be ready for some more pictures and a long post probably on Sunday night (my time) ;)


  1. Hi Brit:
    This is wonderful to read how you are doing. Oma and I are having a great time reading all your entries.
    Love: auntie Donna

  2. Hey Brit.
    Yes. First day sounded TENSE. I can only imagine the anxiety of hunting down the classroom, in a place likely as big as an airport, but with no one really able to help you find the right gate!!! then to get in and have the feeling like the plane has already left.

    I feel it.

    Nutrition class should be a breeze if your doing your own student diet. MACnCheeze = Nutrition = ZERO. DONE!

    But it may hold some surprizes too. I have done a colories (and content) counter for a week before and was rather ssurpised at how much sugar everything has. Especially the "good" stuff like fruit.

    I was pretty aware before, but this made me AWARE.

    As to the feeling of being a slacker. sit down, watch tv, and have a bag of chips. It will eventually go away... HAHAHAHAHAHA.... I expect you will fill the time. With other educational or learning experiences. Not in your blood to slack for long.

    Hoping you have a great time Brit, take in the sights, its all new, and feel your freedom and energy. From a paragraph of the Eckhart Tolle dude. Take some time from being a Human DOING, and be a Human BEING.