Sunday, 11 January 2015

Things I've Noticed Thus Far....

So, instead of detailing another day's itinerary, I've decided to make a list of things I've noticed or been made aware of within the first couple days here in Ireland! Then there's some pictures at the end. First, the list:

- I should've brought more scarves & sweaters. It's literally always cold here.

- The weather is just as if not more unpredictable then the lower mainland.

- Twist ties and pot rims do not mix, as even my ninja skills can not unlodge the twist tie stuck in the rim of one of our stovetop pots. Yes, it was also my fault in first place :/

- They sell peanut butter here! Not a lot though, and half the jars have written on them: "Peanut butter- the American Way."

- The Irish are very laid back. I'm not adjusted to it yet, and it's occasionally frustrating, especially as I'm currently still trying to figure out my timetable.

- I can already feel my English rapidly degrading from listening to more broken english then I normally would.... it's like if they don't have to use full sentences, neither do I! Even though I know that is completely unreasonable and doesn't make sense at all. I think it's just a Brittany thing ;)

- Roundabouts here are the scariest things ever - I keep forgetting to look the opposite way, since driving is on the other side of the road. I'm pretty sure I've almost died a couple times already.

- Ireland is just all around expensive - I think we're quite lucky as Canadians, though we don't realize it.

- If the Irish accent is strong, and they talk really fast, I actually will not understand at all what they are saying.

- The ring tone (I mean the sound you hear when you dial another phone and are waiting for them to pick up) is different then in Canada. It sounds angry, and I don't like it. I literally shudder every time I call someone.

- When 15 international students go out to a bar, you realize that in a lot of places there won't be a random table big enough for 15 people, and you also get a lot of looks going back and forth looking for this said table.

- It's a sad thing when a Canadian doesn't bring any toques with them, and then has to go out and buy one. Yes, I'm talking about me :(

Okay, I'm going to try add some pictures... not sure how this is going to turn out haha. It might be a mess... bare with me!

So this picture to the right (I hope it ends up on the right) is one of the city centre. It wasn't the nicest day outside, but it also wasn't raining, so all in all, it's a good day haha. Though it's not the greatest picture. I'll get a better one for you guys later.

I know, I know, it's incredibly strange posting a picture of peanut butter. All of you people out there who have an inkling of my craziness however, will probably laugh at this. Julie (my Canadian roommate) was with me and while I tried to explain why I was taking pictures of peanut butter, I'm pretty sure she just chalked it up as another reason to question my sanity. The point of it was because I thought it was hilarious that it says "american style" on it. Anyways.....

This is a picture of me in one of the rooms of the Bishop's Museum!
We went here on Saturday, and while I'm not the biggest fan of history related things, it was still pretty cool. I thought this mirror in particular would go very nice in my room ;) Ignore my expression here though, I'm not to sure what I'm doing with my facial features.

My first beer here! I have no idea about anything related to beer, so I literally just said, "I'll take the one with the red top," and I got this one. It is strawberry flavoured however, which was worrisome, because fruit beer? I don't know, but that sounds pretty gross. However, I was pleasantly surprised, cause I actually quite liked it! Ireland is already changing me hehe

So, that is it, that is all! Tomorrow I start the epic adventure that will be school, and I'm trying not to be anxious about the fact that I really still have no idea what I'm doing. I'll cross my fingers and just go with it, because hey, am I really here for school anyway? ;)
(YES, I know I am. Shush.) 
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone (:


  1. Roundabouts, toques , beer, english skills.

    I like your posts Brit!!! Trina does too. When we read them we feel a bit like were in the adventure with you. Thanks for taking the time.

    Roundabouts. O M G !!!! Are you driving? On the wrong side? Holy #$%^%@& I had the opportunity when I was in New Z. Turned it down. Oh So FAST. Maybe its just me, but the concept scares the Bejeez... out of me. Hats off (OK Toque) to you! I understand its easier on busy roads because you can just follow the guy in front. Danger is when you get onto open roads and old habits regarding what the "right" side of the road is, kick in. Be vigilant!

    You know the beer you took a picture of was made in Belgium, right?!

    O BTW, I can barely wait to hear you after a month or 5, you will have picked up quite the accent, then we will get to hear the diminished english skills too. Too funny.

    Good luck with the school day Brit. and again, thanks for the posts!

    Uncle J & Auntie Trina.

    Oh, the pics are a great touch.

    1. NO! I'm not driving! oh gosh, that would be so scary! I almost died just walking, I don't think I'll attempt driving here at all.

      Yes, I did realize it was from Belgium..... whoops haha

      I'm glad you guys enjoy the posts! Thanks for reading them, and the comments :)

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    1. OK... your mother made me do this... long explanation... no worries... just having some difficulty figuring out how to post a comment... but we figured it out on her gmail... I will see if I can get mine to work... Keep up the bloggin... Lovin every bit of it... What did your Dad say about bringin a toque... Eh... Love Dad (and Mom)(and Samuel)

    2. AHAHAHAHA DAD. I'm glad you figured it out, and that these aren't too boring! Also, I ended up buying another toque :/ You were right. Love you guys too.